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Sherrika Myers

Life Coach, Speaker, Visionary
2024 Honoree

Sherrika Myers, a dynamic visionary with a profound commitment to the well-being of children both locally and globally, is a devoted wife and mother with the joy of grandchildren in her life. A proud graduate of North Charleston Public School, she furthered her education, earning an associate degree in Business/Marketing from Trident Technical College.

Mrs. Myers passionately dedicates herself to the betterment of youth, particularly those facing adversity, and their families. Her mission revolves around enhancing their quality of life holistically by dismantling communicative and social barriers. As a Certified Life/Youth/Family Coach and a Certified Eric Thomas National Speaker, Mrs. Myers brings a wealth of expertise to her endeavors. She is the Founder/Executive Director of Every 1 Voice Matters Inc. & Lil Herbie Series, a Children’s Book Author, and the innovative mind behind Lil Herbie, the Anti-Bullying Mascot, Animated Series & Affirmation Doll.

In her impactful role, Mrs. Myers engages with thousands of elementary students through interactive school assemblies, book series, and educational presentations marked by transparency, genuine conversations, and easily applicable principles. Collaborating with elementary schools, she prepares students to develop positive habits and practices that will serve them well into their middle school years. Witnessing the transformation in children when they realize their capacity to overcome challenges fills Mrs. Mrs. Myers with profound gratitude.

Her mission extends beyond helping kids surmount obstacles, she strives to instill in them the belief that with hard work and determination, all things are possible. Mrs. Myers faced her own challenges in school, contending with a stutter that subjected her to constant ridicule from peers. Enduring feelings of neglect and isolation, she had to cultivate inner strength, confidence, and endurance to overcome low self-esteem and the impediment of stuttering. Her personal and educational journey contributes significantly to her success in ensuring that every child possesses the knowledge, tools, and mindset to become the best version of themselves.

Recognized for her impactful work and children’s book series, that is geared towards social-emotional learning, Mrs. Myers and her programs have been featured on CBS, NBC, FOX, Black News Channel, PBS Kids, New York Weekly, US News, and numerous local and national news outlets. She earned accolades such as being named one of NY Weekly’s top 10 female entrepreneurs of 2020, receiving the 2020 Southeastern Chamber of Commerce Community Education Award, 2021 Ubora Innovator of the year finalist for her Lil Herbie Series Book Collection, 2021 Iota Phi Lambda Sorority Inc. Kappa Society of Living Makers of Black History Award in Baltimore, Md, 2022 YWCA What Women Bring Education Honoree, 2022 Multiplying Good June’s Jefferson Award Winner, 2022 North Charleston Police Department Black History Award Winner and more, further attests to Myers’s outstanding contributions.

Her initiatives have even garnered attention from then-House of Representative Joe Cunningham, who acknowledged her remarkable efforts and programs. Mrs. Myers’ overarching goal is to continue to create programs, initiatives and products that will help empower, educate, and motivate at-risk youth and their families to become the best version of themselves, through her various social and educational initiatives, with a special focus on her Lil Herbie Series Book Collection, Coaching Program & now Lil Herbie Affirmation Doll.

The newly released Lil Herbie Affirmation Doll is designed to promote positivity in kids, with over 30 built-in affirmations and the option for children to record and play back their own positive messages, it encourages self-confidence and a positive mindset in an interactive and personalized way.

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