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Jenny Schutzman

Software Engineer
2024 Honoree

Jenny Schutzman is a Software Engineer at Liberty Mutual Insurance and a former Executive Director of Charleston Women in Tech. Jenny can’t sit still if she isn’t actively challenging herself and learning something new.

Before her hard pivot to software in 2017, Jenny worked 10+ years with various international and local non-profits. During that time she led projects for more than 50 grants which ranged from $10k to over $1 million, coming from agencies such as USAID, UNWomen, US Department of Justice, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, large anonymous foundations and several Canadian agencies. In her new life of software development she brings these honed leadership skills to the table to push ingenuity, team cohesion, and a general excitement about being part of something bigger than one’s self.

Jenny made the switch to software development in 2017 and has never looked back. After attending the local JRS Code School, she has worked for a number of Charleston-based and national companies.

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